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There are so many things a person will look for when shopping for a new home. Things like neighbors that don’t smoke crack or neighbors who constantly want to borrow your stuff or a crazy cat lady whose cat pees only on your front doorstep. What’s up with that anyway?

Besides the weird there were several things that I was looking for in a house. Mainly…a room with no windows and an air vent. Sound weird? No windows means no distractions for me.

Kelly's Book Review - Your Brain at Work

...look for the silver lining...

...keep your eyes on the prize...

...take a breath and count to ten...

Blame It On the Trailer - On Dublin Street

I recently recommended ON DUBLIN STREET to a friend. This New Adult romance book is the first in a series by Samantha Young.  I've read the next two books and can't wait for the fourth book to release. Although I didn't see any trailers before purchasing the first one, I can say that this fan-made book trailer pushes all the right reader buttons for me. Romance? Check. Heartache? Check. Chemistry? Check.  See if it checks out as a winner for you.  If you've already read ON DUBLIN STREET (or even if you haven't), watch the second video to take a tour of all the real scenes locations  from the book.   *Please note that this book contains adult themes. 


Have You Met...

So, have you met … Kelly?

Today it's Kelly Crawley's turn to take her time in the spotlight.

When did you start writing?

In-Spirited Spring

As we impatiently await spring’s arrival (Eastern and Midwestern readers, I feel your pain), there’s a word that embodies this change of season for me every year: Inspirited. Def: to infuse with spirit.

In the last few weeks of a hard winter, it’s almost impossible to imagine the green new life of spring. But—surprise!—it shows up again every year, just before we give in to despair. Isn’t the in-spirit of our Earth amazing?

"Wakan, Wakan, every creature
wakan, Wakan, every rock.
Tuku Skanskan, time surrounds you
From sacred Earth we send our voices.”


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